Saturday, February 20, 2016

Faith Melody Memories - My "Ah Hah" Moment - Why I Do What I Do

So, I've decided I don't feel like getting the work I need to do done tonight. Just one of those nights. I've been taking some pics of my jewelry to update my Etsy shop with and was thinking about why I make jewelry.

As I was taking some pictures, I tried on a couple pairs of earrings (one was a pair of freshwater pearls like you have Jen Anderson). 

When I tried them on I went over to the mirror to see what they looked like on me.As I tried these earrings on, I said jewelry makes me feel pretty. That, in a nutshell, sums up why I make jewelry in honor of Faith. She makes me feel so much love and she makes me feel pretty. I want to share that wonderful feeling with others in Faith's memory.
This was one of those "ah hah" moments for me. While I have always done this in Faith's honor, I never really verbalized it to myself and made this much of a special connection. By helping others feel pretty, I am sharing a piece of how Faith makes me feel.

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