Monday, September 15, 2014

15th of the Month...

Well, today is the 15th again.  Another month has gone by, and it has now been 5 months since Faith was born.  It is so strange and surreal that Faith has come into our lives and gone home to Heaven. The 15th will forever be a special day for me.  I have gone through so many emotions, some of which I do not understand myself.

I know that I continue to play what happened that day over and over in my mind.  I may always on the 15th of the month.  I do not know.  But I also know that as the seconds, minutes, hours, and days go by, my love for Faith continues to grow far beyond what I can even describe.

Faith will always be my beautiful baby girl.  I think of her constantly and want nothing more than to hold her in my arms again.

Today, and every 15th of every month, I will remember Faith's precious life with us and think of the glorious day when we'll hold each other again.

When I look at pictures of Faith, I am constantly drawn in by how beautiful her little body is.  I can close my eyes and remember the soft touch of her skin, the perfection of her small hands and feet, her beautiful soft auburn hair...

...but most of all, I can close my eyes and remember all those things, and feel the never-ending love that I felt as I held the most precious gift I have ever held in my arms... darling daughter, My Faith Melody.

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