Thursday, August 7, 2014

Momentos Coming Soon

Today I am getting excited because I am working on an idea that I will be launching soon.  It will be a product that I will be making and selling to anyone, but especially focusing on those who have lost children.  I will be able to customize it so that it will be a special momento.

I should be receiving mine to make for myself (& to use as examples) on Saturday.  I have seen a lot of beautiful items that can be purchased in honor of lost children, but a lot of of them can be pretty costly.  I have purchased some of these items myself and they are indeed wonderful.  However, I have been focusing on trying to create something that I can make for minimal cost, in minimal time, and therefore sell for a minimal amount of money, but still be a highly sentimental item.  I believe I have found this product.

I am still brainstorming a name for this business, but it will of course incorporate Faith's name in some way.  I believe this is something that I can do to help others who have lost children (or for anyone who would like a customized item).

More to come...stay tuned!

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