Friday, August 29, 2014

Thunder & Rain - Peace During the Storm

Well, it is thundering and raining here right now.  I just made myself a tasty lunch and now I wanted to take a few moments for a break before I get back to housework.

I am really enjoying listening to the thunder and rain.  It is so calming to me for some reason.  I am reminded of God's promise to bring us peace, even in the midst of the storms of life.  He is doing that for me today.

I miss my daughter so very much, but the Lord is bringing me peace through my storm.  I know He still has great plans in store for me, but I must decide to get up and walk them out every day.  I simply cannot lay in bed.  I cannot pretend to be productive.  I cannot stay where I am emotionally, physically, or spiritually.  I have to move forward in the life He has given to me.

As I continue to listen to the thunder and rain this afternoon I will remember that He is carrying me through this storm and helping me to become who He wants me to be.

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