Monday, October 20, 2014

Capture Your Grief - Day 20 - Breathe

Breathe is today's Capture Your Grief prompt.  I took this picture yesterday morning when I went into our back yard to enjoy my coffee.  I also went in our back yard this evening and looked at the sky for a bit this evening.  

Looking at yesterday morning, retrospectively, I took a good bit of time to have some quiet time with my coffee on the brisk fall morning and spent some time alone with God.  

It was a great time for me. I think paying attention to taking special time out to breathe is very important in life in general, especially if you are going through what I call a "grief journey".  

Taking time out of my day to just "breathe" gives me a chance to get my priorities in order and gain perspective on my life.  It is a very important piece of my life now so that I can take assessment of my feelings and grief surrounding losing Faith
and to keep them in check.

I will try to take time out of every day now, to sit back, get alone with God, and "just breathe"...

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