Sunday, October 5, 2014

Capture Your Grief - Day 5 - Journal

The Day 5 Capture Your Grief prompt is Journal.
When I was pregnant with Faith, my husband and I bought the beautiful leather bound journal you see in my pictures here so that I could write down my experiences throughout my pregnancy.  I knew that this would be something really cool that Faith and I could read together years later and have some great laughs and share the special time together.  

Little did we know that she would not be with us here.  I did actually write a page prior to purchasing the journal on a notebook paper, so that paper is now in a clear protector in the journal.

After we got moved into our new home, I came across the journal, and set it aside in our bedroom.  I had mixed feelings about what I wanted to do with the journal.  Giving it away crossed my mind, as I felt like if I couldn't use it for what it was originally meant for, then maybe I didn't want it at all.  I have since looked at it a few times and quickly shifted my focus to something else, still unsure of what I wanted to do with it.

Well, today's Capture Your Grief prompt, Journal, got me pondering the special journal yet again.  I decided that I will now use the journal to write to, for, and with Faith, and for myself.  So, today, I began writing in the journal and I must say that it has already helped me.  I am so glad that I did not give it away, but kept it to be used at the proper time.  

I will continue to write in this journal and express my true love, feelings, and life, as I move forward on my journey of life with Faith in my heart.  She is and will always be my baby girl, and I will write in this journal for her.

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